Food to Try

Chicken Rice Ball

Available for breakfast as well as for lunch, the outlet that sells this dish at Jalan Hang Jebat looks like the typical Hainanese chicken rice restaurant. The difference is not in the chicken but in the rice, which comes in golf size round shaped balls. The popularity of this creative change proves that it is definitely more delicious than the normal plain plate of rice.

Satay Celup

A favourite among the locals, this dish is worth a try because the thick and spicy peanut sauce is tasty and hot! Skewered pieces of raw meat, tofu, prawns, vegetables, and others are dipped into a communal pot which contains the steaming sauce and left to cook for as long as you like. When ready, just pick up the stick and consume it immediately. The restaurant is located at Lorong Bukit Cina, Malacca.

Baba Nyonya Laksa & Cendol ( Perfect Match )

The famous shop selling this excellent combination for food enthusiasts is called 'Jonker 88'. It is decorated with archaeological artifacts displayed on the walls. They have the normal curry laksa as well but most people go there for the nyonya variety. Their cendol comes in 2 versions, plain or with durian.

One Bite Durian Puff

Another famous food stall in Jonker Street, this one having big posters hanging on the exterior walls. As the name suggests, their durian puff has to be eaten in one bite because the cream in the soft pastry will ooze out and cause a mess otherwise!